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Radio is THE place for new and exclusive music. Millions of people tune in everyday to various radio programming, including FM radio, AM radio, college stations, public broadcasting, and now online radio stations which are becoming increasingly popular. Radio promo is the primary source of income for successful artists and is a necessary means of gaining loyal listeners.

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Of the 40,000 radio stations that are in our database, their styles range from Afrobeat to Zamrock. Some others include Pop, Indie, EDM, Folk, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Dubstep, and Chillout, among other genres. With that said, we’re bound to find a station that complements your musical taste. Once we’ve whittled it down to a handful of good fits, we’ll submit your single and track our progress.

When we pitch your music, we reach out to both English and Spanish radio stations. In other words, our radio distribution stretches far and wide. Nearly 20 percent of our contacts speak Spanish, so if English isn’t your native tongue, we can still cater to you. We know how booming the Latin American music industry is, which is why we’ve gone the extra mile to fulfill the needs of Spanish artists.

When we send over music, we ensure that your songs are listened to. By keeping an open line of communication with our contacts, we receive ongoing feedback and apply it so that your chances of getting airplay increase. We get honest results, and if your music doesn’t receive airplay within one month of starting your campaign, we’ll grant you a full refund.

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Case Studies

Afro B x Ozuna - Drogba

Campaign: 10k Radio Stations Package


  • Plays in more than 47 Countries
  • Over 7000 Airplays (only in promotion duration)
  • 16 online articles, 3 radio interviews, 6 station ID requests

Realtime Airplay Report Snippet:

Download full report: Airplay Report

Virginia Ernst - Right Gei (Summer Mix)

Campaign: 10k Radio Stations Package


  • Plays in more than 32 Countries
  • Over 1000 Airplays (only in promotion duration)
  • 5 online articles, 1 radio interview, 9 station ID requests

Download full report: Airplay Report

When your music is finally on the air, we’ll send you a detailed report outlining the radio stations that are playing your songs and how often they’re being played. This will allow you to monitor your progress and see how much traction you’re gaining.

What’s more, this report will enable you to claim royalties. We understand the importance of keeping artists informed, which is why we provide ample information through every stage of the process.

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