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Get Your Music on the Radio: Radio Promotion up to 40000 real radio stations

Radio is THE place for new and exclusive music. Millions of people tune in everyday to various radio programming, including FM radio, AM radio, college stations, public broadcasting, and now online radio stations which are becoming increasingly popular. Radio promo is the primary source of income for successful artists and is a necessary means of gaining loyal listeners.

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Radio Airplay Promotion Designed For You.

With your music and budget in mind, we will develop a personalized campaign to get your song on the radio.

Our database includes 40,000 radio stations, ranging in style from Afrobeat to Zamrock. Some others include Pop, Indie, EDM, Folk, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Dubstep, and Chillout, among other genres. With that said, we’re bound to get your song on radio stations that complement your musical taste. Once we’ve whittled it down to a handful of good fits, we’ll submit your single and track our progress.

When we are submitting music to radio stations, we reach out to both English and Spanish radio stations. In other words, our radio distribution stretches far and wide. Nearly 20 percent of our contacts speak Spanish, so if English isn’t your native tongue, we can still cater to you. As radio pluggers, we know how booming the Latin American music industry is, which is why we’ve gone the extra mile to fulfill the needs of Spanish artists.

Passionate about Radio Music Promotion.

Guaranteed airplays & royalty payouts

If your music doesn’t receive airplay, we’ll grant you a full refund

Telephone & Email Support, Contact us without any hesitation

We aim for a 100% transparent service

When we are submitting music to radio stations, we ensure that your songs are listened to. By keeping an open line of communication with our contacts, we receive ongoing feedback and apply it so that your chances of getting radio airplay increase. We get honest results, and if your music doesn’t receive airplay within one month of starting your campaign, we’ll grant you a full refund.

Not Just Any Radio Pluggers: We know the radio programmers, and they know us

Thanks to the strong rapport we’ve built, we get talented voices heard.

Case Studies

Afro B x Ozuna - Drogba

Campaign: 10k Radio Stations Package


  • Plays in more than 47 Countries
  • Over 7000 Airplays (only in promotion duration)
  • 16 online articles, 3 radio interviews, 6 station ID requests

Realtime Airplay Report Snippet:

Download full report: Airplay Report

Virginia Ernst - Right Gei (Summer Mix)

Campaign: 10k Radio Stations Package


  • Plays in more than 32 Countries
  • Over 1000 Airplays (only in promotion duration)
  • 5 online articles, 1 radio interview, 9 station ID requests

Download full report: Airplay Report

Once we get your music on air, we’ll send you a detailed report outlining the radio stations that are playing your songs and how often they’re being played. This will allow you to monitor your progress and see how much traction you’re gaining.

What’s more, this report will enable you to claim royalties. As radio pluggers, we understand the importance of keeping artists informed, which is why we provide ample information through every stage of the process.

You know exactly what you get

Offering Transparent Radio Promotion

Radio Promotion Campaigns

5000 Radio Stations

  • Submit your song to 5000 radio stations
  • Campaign duration: 4 weeks
  • Guaranteed Airplay
  • Email / Telephone Support

15000 Radio Stations

  • Submit your song to 15000 radio stations
  • Campaign duration: 6 weeks
  • Guaranteed Airplay
  • Email / Telephone Support

(to purchase any of our radio promotion services, simply click on the preferred campaign above. Prices are in USD)

Advantages of a Radio Promotion campaign

Increased Exposure

Radio airplay exposes your music to listeners who may not have discovered it otherwise, leading to potential new fans and followers.

Credibility and Validation

Being played on reputable radio stations, alongside major artists, lends credibility to your music and validates your talent in the eyes of listeners, industry professionals, and potential collaborators.

✅  Brand Building

Regular radio airplay helps establish your brand identity and presence in the music industry, making you more recognizable to audiences and industry insiders.

✅  Boosts Streaming and Sales

Radio exposure often leads to increased streams and downloads of your music, as listeners who enjoy your song on the radio seek it out on streaming platforms or purchase it.

✅  Networking Opportunities

Radio appearances and interviews provide opportunities to connect with DJs, hosts, and other industry professionals, opening doors for future collaborations, performances, and promotional opportunities.

✅  Royalties and Licensing Opportunities

Radio airplay generates performance royalties for songwriters and publishers, and it can also attract attention from music supervisors for film, TV, and commercial placements, leading to additional income streams.

✅  Attract Interviews and Artist IDs

Successful radio airplay can attract attention from radio stations, leading them to reach out to request interviews or artist IDs, providing further exposure and promotional opportunities.

✅  Legitimacy for Industry Gatekeepers

Radio success can attract the attention of record labels, managers, agents, and other industry gatekeepers, who may be more inclined to work with artists with proven radio appeal.

Guaranteed Plays

Numbers are our biggest strength

Fast Communication

Telephone & Email Support whenever you need us

Money Back Guarantee

within 24-48 hours if we can't work with your song

Zero Risk

We aim for a 100% transparent & organic promotion service

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply click on one of the radio airplay promotion packages above.

We recommend only promoting songs that are from the same year or are not older than 9 months.

We welcome artists from all backgrounds and genres to utilize our services. However, it’s important to understand that while we have a vast network of radio stations at our disposal, not all songs can be guaranteed plays. We take great pride in providing top-notch services, but we cannot compel radio stations to include your song in their playlists.


The ease of pitching a song varies from track to track. If, for any reason, your song is declined by the radio stations, rest assured that we offer a 100% refund guarantee, ensuring that you won’t be at risk. Our aim is to deliver a reliable and effective service to all artists, and we stand by our commitment to quality and fairness.

Our primary focus is on promoting songs within specific genres, and we do not target particular geographic areas. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the majority of the radio stations we work with are based in North America, Europe, and Australia. These radio stations are affiliated with organizations like ASCAP and BMI, ensuring that all plays are properly tracked, and royalties are distributed accordingly.

Yes, simply send us the song once the song is released, and we’ll start the radio promo immediately.

We will send your song to the radio stations for 4 – 6 weeks.

We can not send you our list of radio stations where we will place your music before you buy the promotion package. This is simply because we have over 40,000 stations in our database from all kinds of genres. We will plan your radio airplay promotion campaign as soon as we have received your payment as every song has a specific market/genre or goal.

We are not able to do a radio station plan before we receive your payment because this requires a large amount of work; and unfortunately, there are some who may not ultimately be able to pay or move forward with the campaign. Because the work is so time-consuming, it would not be economical for our business if we completed work before being paid.

When your song is added to the stations during your campaign, you will be sent the name of the station that added your song.

On our website, you’ll find 2 case studies which include 2 airplay reports


You can download the airplay reports to get a glimpse of some of our stations.

Our campaigns are global. Usually, we do get airplay on US stations in each campaign, but they are not necessarily the major ones. We are not targeting any specific country or region.

Yes, if you are a writer or publisher you will be paid by the organization (like BMI, ASCAP, BUMA, GEMA, SABAM, …) that you are associated with.

We do not give out our list of radio stations. However, when a radio station plays your song, you can see which radio station played it and see which country the radio station is located in. The reports are updated each week.

Our campaigns target stations from all kinds, terrestrial, online, major, independent, college, and local. So in our campaigns, we usually get a bit of everything.

Unfortunately, we can’t get music on the radio if it’s older than 9 months. Radio stations prioritize playing new music, so submitting older songs would likely result in many stations declining to play them, ultimately leading to a less successful campaign.

When a song is played, you can see the radio station that played the song and the country that the radio station is located in, in the weekly PDF report.

1. Research: We need to research and identify the most suitable radio stations for the genre and style of music they are promoting. This involves studying each station’s format, target audience, and programming schedule to determine the best fit for the song.


2. Networking: Building relationships with radio station programmers, DJs, and other key personnel is crucial for successful radio promotion. Radio Pluggers often spend considerable time networking, attending industry events, and fostering connections to increase the chances of getting songs played.


3. Pitching: Radio distribution companies need to craft compelling pitches tailored to each radio station, highlighting the unique aspects of the song and explaining why it would resonate with the station’s audience. This involves drafting numerous emails, making follow-up calls, and sometimes even sending physical promotional materials.


4. Follow-Up: Following up with radio stations is essential to ensure that they have received the song, listened to it, and considered it for airplay. This often requires persistent follow-up emails, phone calls, and sometimes in-person meetings to keep the song on the station’s radar.


5. Negotiation: We may need to negotiate terms with radio stations, such as the frequency of airplay, timing of broadcasts, and any promotional activities associated with the song. This negotiation process can be time-consuming and requires careful attention to detail.


6. Tracking and Reporting: After securing airplay, we need to track the song’s performance on various radio stations, monitor listener feedback, and provide detailed reports to artists or record labels. This involves analyzing data, compiling reports, and communicating results effectively.


Overall, the time and effort invested by radio pluggers in securing airplay for songs contribute to the overall expense of radio music promotion. This personalized approach is necessary to navigate the complexities of the radio industry and maximize the song’s exposure to the target audience.

Please visit our FAQ page for more answers to your questions.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@playlist-promotion.com.


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